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Space Rental for Meeting Training Seminar Conference Workshop

Meeting Training Seminar Conference Event Networking Space Rental
Asia Centre Phayathai Plaza BTS Airport Link

Asia Centre offers meeting services at its boutique and cosy facilities.

We are located in central Bangkok, 20 metres away from Phayathai BTS and Airport Link.

Our spaces are perfect for private meetings, conferences, trainings, seminars, workshops, networking sessions and other boutique events such as book launches, readings, screenings, etc.

We can host up to 40 (seating) and 60 (seating and standing). The following are available:

* Flexible room layouts (classroom, round table, theatre, networking)
* High-speed internet access, Skype video-conferencing, computers
* AV Equipment: flat-screen TV, wireless projector, cinema screen, wireless microphones, etc.
* Private lockers, registration and lounge areas, electric curtains
* Pantry with microwave, hot/cold water dispenser and fridge

Building Facility
* Free parking (2 hours) with stamp
* 4 high speed non-stop lifts from ground floor to the 17th floor.
* 24 hours security guard
* Bank, ATM, Coffee shop
* Nearby, Post office, restaurant, shopping centre, University

Monday-Friday: 8,500 Baht/day
Saturday-Sunday and public holiday: 16,000 Baht/days


128/183 Phayathai Plaza Building (17th Floor), Phayathai Road, Thung-Phayathai,
Rachatewi, Bangkok 10400 Thailand

BTS Phayathai Station - Exit 1
Airport Link Phayathai Station

Contact person: Patcharee

Tel: (66) 02-1293773
Mobile: (66) 08-9496-0249
LINE ID: @meetingspace

ที่ตั้ง/แผนที่ สำนักงาน ออฟฟิศ

ถนน ทุ่งพญาไท, เขตราชเทวี, กรุงเทพมหานคร 10400

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