Sell A Brand-New Resort Style Condominium In The Heart Of Pattaya Starting 3.9 MB. - ขาย

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คอนโด สระว่ายน้ำ สระว่ายน้ำ คอนโด ฟิตเนส ฟิตเนส คอนโด รปภ.24 ชม รปภ.24 ชม คอนโด คีย์การ์ด คีย์การ์ด


The Property Investment Opportunity That Gives You will be owner the hotel with new project.
Own a unit in the property : Location North Pattaya
Tel: +66-62-993-5546
ID Line : 0929482655

Investment program:
• Guaranteed return3 years The Guaranteed Rental Return Program 6% for first 3 years and profit sharing at the 4 th to 30 th year for 70%
• Cash flow 30 year : The Capital Gain on land Appraisal annually and growth in its property brand
• Free stay per year for owne : The buyer will enjoy free 14 days stays annually.
• Hotel operated by A World-Class 5-Star Hotel : The project its truly for investment all master plan ,facitilies,and room layouts are designed to serve various forms of rental services and opertate as 5-Star Hotel.
• This project will be completed by 2022.

Fully finish same as show room by Room Type :
• Suite Room : 55 sqm.
• Deluxe Room : 29 sqm.

More detail & Viewing please contact :
Tel: +66-62-993-5546
ID Line : 0929482655

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